Words with friends updating games forever

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Words with friends updating games forever

If you just can't stand the ticker box, these are your only options for removing it, but remember, this does not affect what others see about you in their tickers. Travis Gafford already shared how to hide the Facebook news ticker using the Unannoying Facebook extension in Chrome and the F. If you're using the Google Chrome web browser, then it's really easy to hide the Facebook ticker.Just go to ealize's free Hide Facebook Side Bar Ticker extension in the Chrome Web Store and add it to your Chrome browser.That means the information you allow others to see when you're playing a game or messing around on an app will be visible in others' tickers while they're using an app.

And remember, it only shows up on whatever was set, meaning your friends will not see the activity in their tickers unless they can already see the original post.

You have no way of controlling your comments and likes on others' content, but it does abide by whatever was set by the original poster.

So, before you comment or like something, make sure to hover over that little gray head (if set to certain friends) or the little gray world (if set to public) by the time stamp to see who can view that post.

And also beware: Every post you make on a public fan page will show up in all of your friends' tickers, because fan pages are public by default, meaning this information is accessible to anyone on Facebook.

Aside from the news ticker, there's also a ticker specifically for apps, which shows the games and app activity of your friends in your ticker.

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As soon as it's installed, go back to Facebook and check it out.

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