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Who is emma roberts dating now

Evan Peters is usually in the limelight for his television and movie roles, or his love life. Find out everything you need to know about Evan Peters, his upcoming roles, as well as his personal details right here.

The relationship between Evan Peters and Emma Roberts is a confusing one.

A website that claim to be run by Alex Pettyfer to promote an upcoming album was fake and used recordings by other artists, notably Teddy Geiger, claiming they were by Alex. As for the tattoo he said she is very special to him and wanted something to remember her by, but he is currently dating Selena Gomez.

As a young boy Alex Pettyfer was educated at two junior independent schools: The Mall School, a small school situated near Twickenham, followed by the Lambrook Haileybury school in Berkshire, south east UK.

In 2013, while staying at a hotel in Montreal, Canada, a fellow guest overheard the two fighting.

The police were called and Roberts was arrested for assaulting Peters. However, he decided not to press charges, and Roberts was released.

However, two years after that, they called the engagement off. They broke up once more in the summer of 2016, and Emma Roberts started dating Christopher Hines. The release date, plot, and cast of the new season is still a secret.

The 22-year-old actress was wearing what at least looks like more than a promise ring while out with beau—and now reported fiancé—Evan Peters.

is reporting, via sources, that the couple, who began dating in spring 2012, got engaged over the holidays in London.

According to "Extra," Peters, 26, allegedly proposed to the 22-year-old actress and niece to A-lister Julia Roberts with a pink gold engagement ring, and the duo went on to spend New Years together in London.

While the couple have yet to confirm their happy news, photographer Tyler Shields congratulated the starlet by uploading an image from a shoot with the "Horror" cast in which Roberts is flying in the air.

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He also attended two other independent boarding schools: Milifield School Street in Somerset ... I'm 99% sure that this one is real: \nhttp : // www . com / apettyfer \n(just remember to take away the spaces in between ^^,) \n.