When hes dating me and his babymoma Sexy flirting chat

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When hes dating me and his babymoma

My boyfriend and I've been together for a year now, I dnt have any problem with him having kids. If it was about the kids I can understand, but no it's either about how her hair dresser messed up her hair, or about some stupid stuff.

if u want to stay then this is ur life if u decide to marry him one day.

If she starts to degrade you and get out of hand tell her exactly how you feel sternly, because she will try to degrade you sooner or later due to jealousy.

Take this advice from a woman who is married to a man who has a evil baby mama; just remember everything will work out for the good if your man stand firm when dealing with her and don't give in to her stupid games. I was once in a relationship with someone who has two kids.

The victory is an important one for Otunga, who accused Hudson of cheating on him with with music producer Mali Music.

Hudson denied a romantic involvement with Mali, whom she met when she hired him to work at a party.

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Sources tell TMZ Hudson and Otunga reached a temporary custody agreement which gives him primary custody of David Jr.