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This means that you can use the same XML processing components in Stylus Studio®'s award-winning XML IDE that you use in your real-world production environment.

A screenshot of XSD validation in Stylus Studio® is shown below: (click to enlarge) Validating an XML document in Stylus Studio® is easy, just load an XML document, associate an XSD, click on the Validate XML button (the green checkmark) then select a validating XSD processor to use.

The XML Schema processor for C is a companion component to the XML parser for C that allows support for simple and complex datatypes in XML applications.

XML and others, in addition to the built-in Stylus Studio® XSD processor.

To add another validating XSD processor, click on the "New" button, and specify the command line arguments, initial directory, and path used to invoke the new XML processor and click OK.

Stylus Studio®'s XML Editor includes Sense: X, intelligent XSD (and DTD) aware editing which provides helpful features including context sensitive XML code sensing, auto completion, syntax coloring, and more!

Stylus Studio®'s the most powerful and extensible support for XSD validation including seamless integration with all major Java, C and Microsoft .

NET XSD validators and providing helpful XSD aware XML editing capabilities.

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