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Validating large xml files

Our performance tests show it took twenty-three minutes to fully parse this file and load it into the treeview.A very fast system is recommended for such large files, but only 50 MB available RAM are needed because of XMLMax's file segmenting and buffering.A ready-to-use Python script would then look something like this: I always recommend the XML Starlet command line utilities.They provide validation, querying, formatting, editing of documents straight from the command line, and they're invaluable for this sort of work, or sanity-checking documents, chopping sections out via XPath etc.Plus there is the ability to reload any size file instantly, without having to reparse it, even after editing and saving it, a huge time-saver. AGM, makers of Inter Link, wrote to tell us they used XMLMax with a 270 GB(29 GB compressed) Open Street Map XML file (

Internal and external schemas, schema sets with multiple schemas and schema generation are all supported.You can browse and search the entire file and return to the error at any time, instantly, using the bookmark, to fix and save it when you are ready.If, two line numbers are reported in the error message, both are bookmarked.I remember there was an XML toolkit that worked quite well from within bash, but I can't find a link to that right now.Cheers, Edit: This question's answer suggested using SAX over dom, since it'd be more performant.

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XPath Document src Doc = new XPath Document(src File); Xsl Compiled Transform my Xsl Transform = new Xsl Compiled Transform(); my Xsl Transform.

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