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To increase self-contained operation time, we suggest that you use external power supplies which can be connected to a special port in the sight. When shooting the battery compartment cover opens spontaneously.Is it allowed to use the sight attached to the mount with two screws? But before use please fix the mount with glue, and fix the screws with a thread sealant. Most probably the cover has not been closed or has been wrongly closed.

Before using them, please consider the below listed peculiarities.The sight’s battery compartment is designed for non-rechargeable CR123A batteries.Please pay attention to the physical size of your rechargeable batteries – they are often larger than regular batteries, this does not allow the battery compartment cover to close properly.Upon battery discharge (until about 4V), the riflescope switches off.Li-Ion batteries normally have protection option (when voltage sinks to a certain level, the battery stops current feed (specific discharge value depends on actual battery)).

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When the Stream Vision for Android will be updated to version 2,5,0 photos and videos previously saved to the smartphone will no longer be accessible via the application.