Updating nested table

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Product SET List Price = List Price * 2 FROM Production.

Hi, I will be glad if you could help me to know if the below can be achieved without using UNIONI want to split a row into 2 based on a column valuecreate table xx_test_split (id number,amount number,discount_amount number,currency varchar2(3),entity varchar2(...

This time, the values of the array and the size of the array are not instantiated.The first SELECT statement on Line 3 simply selects the number 1 (as a sort order), the rownum column and the empname column.The second SELECT statement on Line 8 selects the number 2, rownum and column_value keyword from the addr Nested Table column type.This sample uses the Extend method of the Nested Table to add members within a FOR loop.An IF statement is used to assign the values according to the value of the integer i as the FOR loop is executed.

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Assuming system background processes are negligible:*) When a single query runs in ... I have another job (JOB2) which must be run after JOB1 completes but only once a week, on monday.

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