Updating mei bill validators

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Vendors and bottlers rely on the MEI VN 2542 bill acceptors in countless machines all across the country.If your MEI VN 2542 bill validator is on the fritz, send it to us and we will get it repaired and back in the field.Using a smart safe, the costs of ownership is a combination of the equipment price, the cost of servicing the equipment (typically in the form of a service contract), the cost of managing data, and armored car service.The below graphic illustrates the traditional retail cash management process along with the associated costs and risks of managing that cash at each process step.Let us show you why we are rated an Just because a bill acceptor gets a little age on it doesn't mean you can't keep it in the field and working like new.

Let us show you why we are rated an Dieb realizes that successful transactions are the bread and butter of the vending and bottling industry.We will also verify whether a piece of MEI equipment is under manufacturer's warranty even if you aren't aware of it.That gives you the advantage of knowing that when you do business with Dieb, your service and repair needs will be met each and every time.That means a more satisfied customer and greater profits for your vending business.MEI bill validators and MEI coin changers are among the most reliable currency equipment on the market.

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Unfortunately, this is not an easy number to arrive at.

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