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It’s as if the NAV maps didn’t include the full range of addresses along the road in question.

The stench of clickbait around self-driving is so thick these days you need a windmill and smelling salts to survive the news cycle.

Sure, in some cases your best option will be to backtrack.

But in most cases, the system calculates a new route that either (eventually) intersects with the original route, or it takes you a different way entirely.

Thus, it’s easy to get left in the lurch when you’re out in the middle of nowhere.

The system uses a predictive text interface that restricts the available keyboard entries to make typing easier. I’ve had instances where, for example, I needed to enter a four digit address and the system only allowed me to enter three digits. But Toyota’s system is frustratingly stubborn in that it keeps trying to get you to turn around and pick up the route where you left off, even if that’s not the best available option. While many older GPS units shared this behavior, most modern devices are smarter. I’m starting to think that might be my best option though, in the short term, I’ve mostly avoided the problem by using my i Phone for navigation.I’ve also noticed that the GPS tends to lag at least a bit behind reality. Several readers have reported the exact same thing.

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