Updating eurovox firmware

Posted by / 07-Feb-2019 14:16

Note that component and RGB Scart are not allowed simultaneously.

For DTT channels the tuner is treated as a 'satellite' and when you choose this one in the channel search menu it changes to the relevant parameters (search the entire band or a single multiplex, bandwidth and so on).For each mode you can tell the EX8000 if you're after free-to-air and/or encrypted channels.As searching proceeds the found channels are listed against the background of a skyscape with cutesy animated-dish icon.But it can't be dimmed or extinguished; the 'front display setting' options menu described in the manual was not present in our review model's firmware.The right-hand section of the front panel hides a convenient USB terminal, the CI slots and a single card-reader (you can be forgiven for believing that there are two, but the lower slot is sealed off ).

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