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His 20-acre donation (then valued at ,000) is still at the heart of Tufts' now-150 acre campus, straddling Somerville and Medford.

It was also in 1852 that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts chartered Tufts College, noting the college should promote "virtue and piety and learning in such of the languages and liberal and useful arts as shall be recommended".

His older sister is heavy and helped shaped the approach he took in creating the dating service."I need her help to know what it feels like to be heavy," Klein told the of his sister, who is currently dating a man she met on the site.

While the Tufts graduate has faced some sneers from the media - primarily from radio shock jocks who poke fun at the site's members - Klein brushes off the jeers and stands by his idea."Different men have different tastes," he told the , noting that he has dated "very different women of all shapes and sizes."The idea for hit Klein after a string of unsuccessful online business enterprises.

Tufts University is a private research university incorporated in the municipality of Medford, Massachusetts, United States.

Tufts College was founded in 1852 by Christian Universalists who worked for years to open a nonsectarian institution of higher learning.

"I had to differentiate myself."Klein is not the only Tufts graduate to help the dating world.Charles Tufts donated the land for the campus on Walnut Hill, the highest point in Medford, saying that he wanted to set a "light on the hill".The name was changed to Tufts University in 1954, although the corporate name remains "the Trustees of Tufts College".In the 1840s, the Universalist Church wanted to open a college in New England, and Charles Tufts donated 20 acres to the church in 1852 to help them achieve this goal.Charles Tufts had inherited the land, a barren hill which was one of the highest points in the Boston area, called Walnut Hill, and when asked by a family member what he intended to do with the land, he said "I will put a light on it".

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Not all members are overweight: the site's motto is "For large lovers and the men and women who admire them".