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Using a command line tool, XMLBeans will automatically generate and package up a set of Java objects based on an XSD.

You can then use these objects to build an XML document based on this schema.

To begin, you try to create a table in a document by writing the following code.

Summary: Learn how to use the validation functionality built into the Open XML Format SDK 2.0 to create Open XML files for the 2007 Microsoft Office system that comply with the Open XML schema and standard.

W3C_XML_SCHEMA_NS_URI); // load a WXS schema, represented by a Schema instance Source schema File = new Stream Source(new File("my Schema.xsd")); Schema schema = Schema(schema File); // create a Validator instance, which can be used to validate an instance document Validator validator = Validator(); // validate the DOM tree try catch (SAXException e) One more answer: since you said you need to validate files you are generating (writing), you might want to validate content while you are writing, instead of first writing, then reading back for validation.

You can probably do that with JDK API for Xml validation, if you use SAX-based writer: if so, just link in validator by calling 'Validator.validate(source, result)', where source comes from your writer, and result is where output needs to go.

(13 printed pages) Introduction Creating and Editing an XML file Using the XML Editor Inferring a Schema from an XML document Attaching an XML Schema to an XML Document Editing XSLT Debugging XSLT Files Conclusion With wider adoption of XML, XSLT, XSD Schemas, and other applications, XML is being touched by developers at various places of the application.

This mainstreaming of XML requires that developers be supported with better development tools.

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