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Syllabification in this material is shown according to the norms of dividing words at the end of lines in American English.Most English words are syllabified according to pronunciation: a-fraid, be-tween, lov-er, cov-er, clo-ver, i-de-a, id-i-om, ra-di-a-tor, rad-i-cal, po-ta-to, pop-u-lar, com-pat-i-ble, crim-i-nal, ta-ble.Update on discontinued journals DOAJ will remove all journals that have ceased to publish unless they are continued by another title.

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The rules are complicated and difficult to use, except in very simple cases.

The rules do not cover all possible cases of word division, and in some cases the rules are not applicable.

Many English words can be divided into syllables according to derivation, that is, between the prefix, root, and suffix (if such division does not change the pronunciation of the word): friend-ship, de-part-ment, dis-turb-ance, use-less-ness, for-get-ful, ac-count-a-ble, mis-lead-ing, aw-ful-ly, con-se-quent-ly.

Not every border between syllables is an appropriate point at which to divide a word at the end of a line.

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