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Teen sex cam secret young

Some ladies make all-out efforts in attempts to look like the famous doll. the Human Barbie, who shook the world with her impressive resemblance to the doll a few years ago, this nickname "stuck" to her by accident.

"I've gathered all the famous real-life Barbies and Kens and placed them in different little rooms, according to my discretion.Sometimes it seems that it's not me composing these songs but the Supreme Beings are leading me to reach people's hearts," she explained.Most of Valeria's songs, poetry and books are about the meaning of life.However, she doesn't quite appreciate being labeled the Human Barbie. Actually, the space image, along with the images of the Atlant girl and the warrior-Amazon are the closest ones to me.To fit the last one, I build my muscles in the gym every day.

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She is not just a doll but a woman with a number of talents as a model, a writer, a poet, a singer, a DJ, a lecturer and even a spiritual leader. It is a matter of course to have such names in esoteric circles," she continued.

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