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Posted by / 30-Sep-2018 01:01

Have been dealing with layers of odor from HVAC system for the last 3-4 months.

When we started up A/C in May it had a dirty maple-brown sugar smell.

At this point, we are at a total loss as to what our problem is and where to go with it.

One technician doesn't beleive it is a dead animal, but can't pinpoint what the odor is or where it's coming from.

They also thought they smelled the sickly sweet odor of something dead coming from the return when they had the furnace opened in the basement.

Again, marked improvement, but could now smell the odor they believed to be a dead animal that got stronger as the week progressed. The day that it rained, the smell from the the vents was especially strong. We had always noticed that the odors we've had were worse with higher humidity and this smell was no exception.

It seems to have gotten so much worse from the partial cleaning we got in July, which left a thick coating in one return and small piles in the other.

Very humid or rainy days make it almost unbearable to breathe.

Noticed a marked improvement for about a week, but still had an off dirty smell.It eventually died down in several days, but still had nasty dank odor when A/C would kick off.We run our fan continually to filter the air so we would really notice it when the cool shut off. Has always had slight dusty dirty odor from vents and A/C was smelly when it kicked off, but not as bad as this year.If you have a musty wet basement and have a air return in your basement which since you are running your fan 24/7 will pull that odr or musty smell from your basement and crawl space.Believe it or not I just came from my parents home and when I walked in they had a very strong musty odor which was coming from there basement because it is alittle damp but they had a small cold air return which was sucking in the odor from there basement and spreading it thru out there home, so I closed it off and turn the fan on high for about a hour and opened a few doors and windows and the smell was soon gone. If you do close it off and see what happens after a hour or so with the fan on high and fresh air allowed to circulate thru out the home and see it that helps with the odor your claiming your home has. These lights are very powerful ultra violet radiation lights that kill dust mites bacteria and mold.

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It appears we are getting the odor from the dry wall dust remaining in them.