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Men and women both want to succeed and (inthis reductive example) each of them needs one of the other to do so.The decoupling of dress andstatus/wealth is a recent phenomenon, and largely confined to theanglosphere.Casual sex is notsomething that works for everyone (nor is committed sex or anythingelse sex/relationship related) and it is really tough when you have astreak of meeting people you are attracted to, whose company youenjoy, etc who want a different type of relationship than you do.If you continuetalking about women in a judgmental way without mentioning men, itsuggests a certain amount of bias.The second issue that you present, re: autism and improvement isactually a separate sort of issue.Thisculture in this historic moment is a mere fraction of humanity intime. I have a couple of women friends whoonly do casual relationships and the meltdowns, rage and shitstormsthat happen when they tell a man that they really only want casual or(more drama inducing) are really only interested in one night (and donot want contact information) are epic.I know this for a fact,i live in one of the hippest cities in europe and a lot ofrelationships over here are based on that loose contact model, not ondeep friendship.The poor dirt farmer with one good suit aspiredtowards the lifestyle of the rich and famous, even if they had norealistic prospect of attaining it.

on Friday night (April 6) at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.Please report to outback steakhouseat this wednesday for a preliminary dinner and wear fishnets.I think i see the old problem of "person ignores the existence ofwomen who are not conventionally attractive" here.The 35-year-old actress looked pretty in a red, white, and blue striped suit and black platform shoes for the event where she was joined by stylist Stacy London.May 2010 - Present Sophia Bush confirmed her romance with 'One Tree Hill' co-star Austin Nichols in 2010, but she said the two had been dating off and on for the past four years.

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There are many people, especially young ones, who have onlyhad one or two partners but have had those in the context of friendswith benefits relationships.

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