Singers dating athletes Holada cam chet

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Singers dating athletes

Whatever the reason for their Tindering, we’re happy to have these celebrities on Tinder.Hopefully if you’re lucky, one day your celebrity dream crush will end up swiping right on you.

We all remember where we were when we got our first Tinder match, it was like the moon landing for Millennials.The couple got married in 2009 in Austin, Texas, and she was been a fixture on the sidelines of Roddick’s matches until he retired from pro tennis last year.In 2001, these two tennis greats said “I do.” It had been two years since Agassi’s divorce from Brooke Shields (turns out, Agassi had been crushing on Graf for years). Agassi and Graf should challenge the Federers to a match—Mirka played tennis for Switzerland in 2000, so she can hold her own.Serena broke it off only two weeks after Common appeared on Ellen, saying “'I definitely want to get married.I would love to get married and have kids.” : “He got his agent to call my agent,” Decker said.

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In the early days, the only problem with Tinder was that you only found regular people while you were swiping away.

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