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in the note, and don't say anything at all (this might be more innocuous and have the same effect, since all the flirting up till now has been unspoken, you might want to carry that on).

She's working, and since she's working as a cashier, her job description doesn't involve being picked up by random guys.

Make sure everything is paid for, and walk away immediately after giving her that card. For me, this was the least offensive way someone ever 'shopped' for me, because due to professionalism I could just ignore it.

But if she's more sensitive, even this will upset her, freak her out and make her uncomfortable every time she has to help you again.

Where I live now, in Central European rural areas that latter point is the predominant norm.

If you are standing in a queue and the cashier is chatting with the person in front, if you try to interrupt, you are considered to be either in a desperate rush (which would be highly irregular) or pretty rude.

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I think OP should probably take advice from local friends and ask what's expected there.