Sagetv weather not updating

Posted by / 25-Apr-2019 19:39

Sagetv weather not updating

S_Choose_whether_to_enable_Sage TV_s_Media_Extender_and_Placeshifter_server_If_you_plan_to_use_a_Media_Extender_or_the_Placeshifter_Client_this_server_and_the_Sage TV_Server_must_both_be_enabled_=Choose whether to enable Sage TV's Media Extender and Placeshifter server.

I have used WHS quite a few times to restore to this backup and it has worked like a charm. Install AMD Video Card Driver (only applies to 5xxx GPU). Install Realtek ATI HDMI Audio Driver (only applies to 5xxx GPU) or Intel Driver. Set up HDMI Audio (showing setup using 5xxx GPU) 4. Navigate to one of more movies that has a DTS(MA) or True HD audio track and play it with MPC HC.

There appears to be an issue with the ATI drivers not parsing correctly the EDID of certain receivers. For instance, check out this guide on how to set up MPC as your 3rd party player in WMC Media Browser.

Hopefully this will be fixed in an upcoming driver release, but until then you can override the current driver to correct. If you have any problems I would definitely recommend visiting one of the resources mentioned below, as there is a wealth of information and very helpful members.

S_A_video_source_needs_to_be_configured_before_you_can_test_playback_Please_go_to_Source_Setup_or_Configure_TV_Recording_to_set_up_a_video_source_=A video source needs to be configured before you can test playback.

Please go to S_Add_a_New_Favorite_on_the_Left_or_Edit_a_Current_Favorite_from_below_Favorite_priority_cannot_be_changed_in_this_sorting_mode_=Add a New Favorite on the Left or Edit a Current Favorite from below.

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Also, I can only verify that this works with my setup, so different setups may yield different results.