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"When will this ownership and this general manager learn that players are not just interchangeable parts to be plugged into a machine that will then spit out success? 'The bureaucratic nightmare is, we don't have sufficient revenues to enforce the laws we have on the books right now.' ...Fans follow a team because they get attached to the players and those players play and fight the good fight on behalf of us. And we're all less because of it."" 'I guess the question is: How aggressive do you want to be? "Colman Herman, a Dorchester consumer activist who has sued or filed complaints against a number of ticket resellers under the existing resale law, said Morrissey's bill provides little protection for consumers."For many years, I've lived in the Seattle area--and I thought you might be interested on the great Jim Moore's take on Joel Pineiro.Jim Moore has ben a long-time columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Moore wrote a 'spoof column' predicting that the Houston Astros would sign Pineiro to a million dollar contract. This time, I'm not only predicting where a former Mariner will end up, but also the money he'll earn and the comments made at the news conference announcing his signing." "The Associated Press will file the following report: "HOUSTON -- After losing Andy Pettitte to the Yankees and expressing concerns about Roger Clemens' plans, the Houston Astros signed right-hander Joel Pineiro, proving they are indeed desperate for starting pitchers.He never drew undue attention to himself, he supported teammates and they supported him. "Sure, he should have flown to spring training in '04 instead of driving his truck and wrenching his back upon arrival and missing half the season.Sure, he was on the DL too much the last few years.

"Trot Nixon is a guy who should have been a lifelong Red Sox, he should have moved directly to the coaching staff upon retirement and someday should have managed the Olde Towne Team."I thought the sarcasm was clear enough and the situation far-fetched enough that anyone wouldn't think it would really happen.But I heard from more than a few Astros fans who were disturbed by one of two things -- the column, or perhaps the possibility that their favorite team would be dumb enough to bite on Pineiro.But unlike bigger names that pretty likely feigned injury because they lost interest at the end of last year, Trot would have played if he could have."And even in partial seasons, he produced when he was on the field.

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Guy: Well it's not like there's going to be anything else going on here in October [both laughing] ... Girl: Sure, and can you get me a couple more Fenway Franks while you're up?

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