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Radiocarbon dating in archaeology

Roopkund Lake is located at the bottom of a small valley in the Himalayas, in Chamoli district, Uttaranchal, in India.

As they traveled, they were overcome by a sudden, severe hailstorm with extremely large hail stones.Many people travel there by mule, and take bones and skeletons with them as they leave.The large numbers of visitors, and the mules trekking through the area bring concerns of damage to the remains that are there.Covered in ice and surrounded by rocky glaciers, the lake appears to be a typical, albeit beautiful, natural wonder.However, during one month of the year, when the ice melts away and the bottom of the shallow lake becomes visible, the true nature of the lake reveals itself.

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The area is a popular destination for adventurous tourists, due to the spectacular trek to get there.

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