Queued updating subscriptions advice and dating and depression

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Queued updating subscriptions

A discussion of replication conflicts is beyond the scope of this article, but be aware that you can right-click a publication with queued-updating subscriptions and choose View Conflicts to resolve any replication conflicts.

Once you’ve configured a distributor, you’re ready to create publications.

I’ll discuss replication security in greater detail in a later article about transactional replication agents.

For now, you just need to know that you can customize security for each agent or use different credentials for each.

The wizard offers the following options: The wizard includes a brief description of each type of publication.

As Figure 9 shows, you can set a multitude of replication-related properties for each article.You can right-click a publication in the left pane of Replication Monitor and choose "Validate Subscriptions..." to choose the subscriptions you wish to validate; doing so will bring up the following dialog: The screen indicates that certain options can take a long time and generate additional load on the server, so try to validate your subscriptions during periods of low user activity.After you specify the subscription validation option, the distribution agent will report messages similar to the following for each published table: You can view this information on the Distributor To Subscriber History tab under Action Message.Further, publications that allow updateable subscriptions must replicate any column that doesn’t allow nulls, doesn’t have a predefined default, and isn’t an identity column.If you check the box Show Only Checked Objects in the List, the wizard limits the list of articles to only those that have been checked.

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