Nelly and ashanti dating pictures

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Nelly and ashanti dating pictures

On if he thinks he’ll ever get married: “Yeah I think so. So I’m either gonna go all the way to 60 or I’m not gonna do it. If I got any questions, I know me; I’m going to play on that.

But the thing about marriage is nobody is going to force me into anything. And eventually that may weigh in on that situation–but do I see myself getting married? I just think that marriage is something that you should do when you’re ready to do it.”?

The sultry sex kitten is also an actress who has appeared in the urban classic and the popular TV series “The Game.” Reportedly, Nelly and Heckard first met almost a decade ago when she appeared in one of Nelly’s videos during the apex of his career. Get the deets and check out Tiara Thomas’ new motivational track “On Me” inside… And she’s dishing on her most recent first date with a new guy in her life.Towards the end of last year, BOSSIP officially reported that Nelly and his never-claimed common law boo-thang Ashanti had called it quits after years of dating.Although Nelly and Ashanti have always maintained verbally that they “never said they were a couple,” despite hundreds of pics over the years alluding to otherwise, Nelly recently sat down with VLAD TV to give a little insight onto why he didn’t settle down with his ex R&B misses. My parent’s marriage did not last at all and my grandparent’s marriage lasted for 60 years. I feel like marriage is something that you just know is right. In order for me to feel like this, I have to have no questions.

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Or does Nelly just have some serious long-term commitment issues?

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