Naught black chat

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Naught black chat

The central goal of the group is to reach a state of "concept providence" or "conceptual singularity," which are considered godhood.Membership includes various scientists, anartists, transhumanists, and at least one nonhuman citizen. Ao A members release 700 metaphysically altered frogs designed as insect-based conceptuvores.Mined in quarries within the Jurassic neighborhood, where the Three Portlands are closest to the Isle of Portland.

Piece of temporal limestone: Chunk of an increasingly popular building material in the Three Portlands, still containing living, anomalous examples of the prehistoric corals and mollusks whose shells make up limestone deposits.Current Status: Entity is currently held in a modified tank at the Portlands Aquarium, a popular tourist destination in the Teal District.The tank is constructed of Conceptually Null Clearsolid (CNC) and contains a variable water level depending on the entity's needs.Purpose/Motive: Unknown/Survival Modus Operandi: The entity moves through space and consumes a concept within a spherical region (radius of 23') around its mouth.A trail of space without the concept will be left behind it as it moves.

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Capabilities: It is capable of filter-feeding concepts from a particular area, as well as being able to 'swim' through solid objects.

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