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Corey Vidal (born December 7, 1986) is a Canadian online video content producer and digital media consultant.His You Tube videos have been seen over 71 million times and he has over 200 videos as of July 2013.The video quickly became Canada's #1 Top Rated (All Time) and #1 Top Favorited (All Time) Entertainment video, and received many other All Time Honors both in Canada and Worldwide.It was also ranked as one of You Tube's Top 100 Rated videos of All Time, It faced competition in its category from other viral videos such as Barack Roll, Fred Goes Swimming, Where the Hell is Matt? Vidal attended the red carpet event in Los Angeles on January 7, 2009.Profecías de sólo 4 profetas fueron publicados en su Knig Değil hizmeti sırasında, ama çoğu zaman düğün, cenaze, çocuk özveri ve dini yemekler sırasında..Onların peygamberler aracılığıyla sürekli vahiy tarafından değiştirilebilir bir kutsal metin.His You Tube channel profile has been viewed over 9 million times.In December 2007, Corey was one of the first Canadians to join the You Tube Partnership Program.

Their ancestry can be a mixture of Caucasian and Asiatic peoples; including Armenian, Chuvash, Finn, German, Russian, Tatar, Ukrainian, Mordvin, etc.

His channel career spans dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, beatboxing, acting in skits and short films (including a short film production by Niagara College), solving Rubik's Cubes, video blogging, and collaborating with other You Tubers.

Many of his videos contain references to the Star Wars franchise.

Corey is known on You Tube for his multiple Digital Millennium Copyright Act disputes between the content in his videos and copyrighted works owned by major studios and labels.

To date, he has fought and won every claim made against his videos.

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Corey Vidal began on You Tube in mid-2006 by posting hip hop dance videos inspired by American dance reality television show So You Think You Can Dance.