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On January 28, 2008, the cast celebrated their kick-off in filming. Lee Sze Kei, Raymond Lam and Fala Chen had to attend bakery lessons to suit the series style and needs.The filming commenced in February 14, 2008 where Lee Sze Kei, Wayne Lai and Raymond Lam were the first to shoot at a bakery.They frequently call Lee, "that fat thing" and family problems will arise when after so long, the family meet each other again.Main Cast(The Gam family) Louise Lee - Tong Lai Hor (唐麗荷) Ha Yu - Gam Tai Cho (甘泰祖) Michelle Yim - Kwan Choi Hong (關彩紅) Susanna Kwan - Tong Lai Sa (唐麗莎) Moses Chan - Gam Wing Ga (甘永家) Raymond Lam - Gam Wing Ho (甘永好) Tavia Yeung - Suen Hou Yuet (孫皓月) Chris Lai - Gam Wing Yuen (甘永圓) Fala Chen - Gam Wing Hong (甘詠慶) Vincent Wan - Gam Wing Chung (甘永中) Linda Chung - Yue So Tsau (于素秋) Kate Tsui - Low Ga Mei (路家美) Lee Heung Kam - Sheh Kwan Lai (佘君麗) Shirley Yeung - Tong Lai Hor(Young) (年輕唐麗荷) Jack Wu - Gam Tai Cho(Young) (年輕甘泰祖) Chow Chung - Tong Kam Wing (唐錦榮) Other/unassigned Bosco Wong - Ling Chi-Shun (凌至信) Wayne Lai - Nin Chi Yung (年子勇) Louis Yuen - Unassigned Lei Seng Cheung - Unassigned Dexter Young - Unassigned Astrid Chan - Unassigned Fung So Bor - Unassigned Leung Shuen Yin - Unassigned Mary Hon - Unassigned Tracy Ip - Unassigned hope that this series is enjoyable. Source: Takungpao Translated by: kingkongit27 @ Michelle Yim taken wedding pictures in the past, but not considered to get married Yesterday the cast for TVBs new series Heart of Greed 2 filmed scenes at a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.From the chinese wikipedia, it says Ray is the 3rd male lead. And I just notice tat she never has a wide smile now. The scenes and storyline consisted of Ha Yu and secret second wife Michelle Yim having a wedding but wife Louise Lee Si-Kei and her children Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Fala Chen turned up to ruin their wedding.Thus this means that Ha yu & Moses is the first and 2nd lead respectively. So he is 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th leading, I dun care. Since entering the industry, Michelle had worn many different wedding gowns for different series, but this time it had taken 2 hours to complete the fitting.Afterwards, there were numerous numbers of fans requesting Raymond to take pictures and sign autographs.

Lee Heung Kam will play as Ha Yu's immature and scolding mother, whilst Shirley Yeung and Jack Wu will play Ha Yu and Lee Sze Kei when they were young.

When fate comes your way you cannot avoid it, but currently I am focusing on my career first.

The other day, Lee Si Kei, Susanna Kwan, Ha Yue, Moses, Tavia, Linda, Fala and Raymond had to act a BBQ scene for their new series.

But we saw Raymond and Linda Chung slowly fixing their beautiful faces with make-up, at the end after filming they just left.

(From the wikipedia link posted by goggle ) Development The series was successful enough to be commissioned another season.

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