Is ie8 worth updating david boreanaz and charisma carpenter dating

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Is ie8 worth updating

As an example, the following rule could be used to apply opacity to an object: Partly as a consequence of its early design, the syntax for filter properties violates the CSS 2.1 grammar: it includes a ‘:’ character, a delimiter used by CSS to separate property names from their values and therefore forbidden outside of a quoted string.

If you have it installed, I'd rather run a more the most up-to-date version regarding security.

Setup a test box in IE7/IE8 and audit your web applications.

Even if you don't upgrade, i don't think it will be a problem: thanks to the uber-protective securty policy applied to internet explorer by default, IE6 is already crippled to a state that renders it useless btw, ie6 it is like a bug compilation, i would strongly suggest to upgrade Oddly, not upgrading IE protected me from the nimda virus.

Given the following markup : Because filter is a non-standard Microsoft extension, the parser must look for the end of the unknown bold red declaration so as to ignore it.

As it encounters an opening ‘(‘ along the way but never finds its matching ‘)’ in the rest of the rule set the dotted border, background, width and paragraph rules end up being ignored as well.

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Featurewise it's a moot point, but I'd rather not have admins browsing around in IE6 on my servers.