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Your interview on Sage of Quay Radio was just fantastic! You are a very special person I’m in a very tough low point in my life. You’re really brave man and I hope you’ll never stop tell the truth.

I’ve listened to it already at least three times and keep going back to it. But just listening to what you’ve said makes me feel optimistic about my future and the future of this world. Jag slukar information från din sida så gott som varenda dag och förstår mer och mer vilket otroligt arbete du har lagt ner för att sprida denna info till oss här ute! Date: 2017-04-07 @ PM Name: Axel Bartschat Number: 3,143 Dear Ole, I just want to congratulate you for your great work and efforts .

It’s really great how you present all the evidence. Ole so wonderful to see you together with Field, David on Jason's show. I love you and what you’ve done You’ve lived a remarkable life I just wanted to write you And let you know you’ve had an impact on my life. I just had to email you again since your email was really the first email I received that started me on the road at looking at what was happening to me differently. Your actions are helping to uncover and clear so many of the lies, hoaxes and fakes flags , hang in there!!!!!

Listening to you makes one see how ridiculous all these false flags are and you really make me laugh! I tune in to all of you separately now WOW 4 faces of TRUTH on one screen.... Ole, it is so clear that you are unique among those in the You Tube community - kind, patient, humble, compassionate, gracious towards others, and all the marks of a yogi in the Kali Yuga!! Shortly after that I discovered the spiritual aspect of the targeting and that explained a lot as well. Date: 2017-04-07 @ PM Name: Jolande Number: 3,142 Thank you Ole for all your information.

Never give away your energy to those that seek to feed on you. Ole has gone where no one else ever has with his Chapter on OP40.

It’s becoming so obvious that they want us to remain in fear. Your presence on the web and on the Earth is Grace, healing to those who listen, and and whatever we can do to assist - bingo - we're here!! our recent interview was wildly successful and shows true promise to go down in history as one of the most informative Conspiracy Genre videos of all time. I am now at the point you suggested in your email of waving to the drones and sending them love. Do you have a perspective on the attack on Stockholm today?

I can't say enough about your comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter and it is a subject that I have been studying since I was kid (and that was a long time ago). I'm totally sold on the idea of you as a light bearer in our modern times of darkness, a new Dark Ages. Its so crazy how much difference a few months can make. beer stand also for bear (Budweiser–Amerika, Norrlands Guld – Kall Öl, ..). Date: 2017-04-07 @ AM Name: Kelly Number: 3,141 Looks like you are becoming very well known!

Think of William Bill Cooper when listening to you and what sadly happened to him in the end. I ask our Lord God Please to protect you, and Please watch over you both. A case of the raw truth going straight to my heart. May God bless, protect and guide you, Sherman Mc Call, MD, Ph D (Cantab.) COL, MC, USA (Ret.) Thank you, Ole! In one of the Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) of the end of times (akhir zaman) it saya that the sun will rise from the west.

And protect you both from pure evil in high places. At the very point where you mentioned the piece of copper wire, in the cowboy boot that was gifted to Bob Marley, piercing his big toe, I instantaneously broke down in floods of tears.

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Somebody's got to do this, many have paid for it with their lives. Your Ark Midnight appearance last weekend was fantastic. I moved from Toronto to Costa Rica almost 2 months to live and work on an organic farm and I definitely feel like my heart is healing. All your work is paying off finally…I’m very happy for you!

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