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Her father will later become Judge Advocate with the Fifteenth Army, setting up the war crime trials in Germany.

Hyer, Texas state senator and international president of the Lions Clubs, the middle of three daughters, the others named Agnes and Jeane.

"American men are the best in the world, as far as their treatment of women is concerned." She thinks English are charming but dull; French are self-centered; Italian are wolfish; German are stolid and one-track-minded.

is on hand to guide visiting India's Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru through Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

marries Harold Brent Wallis, "one of the richest men in Hollywood," in his Palm Springs home. Hal's son from his former marriage to late actress Louise Fazenda, Brent, and his wife are present.

He finally confessed to me that, since the auction, he realized he could get 12 times the price I'd paid.

But I held him to our bargain, and since then I've turned down an offer of three times what I gave for it." She tells Hedda that she likes to live luxuriously. Her house was built by a woman who lived alone and sports an efficient burglary alarm.

The press notes that Anna Kashfi has been kicked out for marrying Marlon Brando and that Argentine actress Linda Cristal was given her place on the club roster.

columnist Hedda Hopper reports: "Martha Hyer tells me she's between pictures and beaux, enjoying her new home.

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