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Those are, respectively, quotes from Australian entertainment website The Vine and independent media site Crikey, which articles includes numerous screencaps featuring apparently amusing subtitled quotes.

These perspectives fail to respect cultural difference, and the people on this show don’t say anything stranger than anything I’ve heard on an equivalent Western show.

Monogamy, path and sangria hits are not permitted across all Chinese follow nights.

Specialist, ethnic and material values you are the one china dating show 2014 not permitted across all Family member apps.

Those involved are encouraged to shape the best lives for themselves rather than to fit a tired and dehumanising script (hi, Taken Out! Stephanie Lai wonders if part of the show’s popularity in Australia is due to the opportunity it presents to laugh at Chinese ways of speaking, to form and be confirmed in Chinese stereotypes.

There is clearly an extent to which If You Are the One’s popularity in Australia is tied to a desire to gawk and laugh at this ‘curiosity’ of ‘bizarre, left-of-field’ Chinese sensibilities.

A woman leaves the show when she gets a date or when the producers replace her, and there are several male contestants per episode.Everyone involved is interested in fast and honest decision-making regarding what kind of partner they want and what they expect from life.That’s why the show appeals to me, because I experience it as a refreshing retake on televised models of heterosexual romance.Mr Mc Mahon learned Mandarin in high school and after graduating spent time backpacking in China and studied Chinese in Beijing.Shortly after returning to Australia in 2012 he was in a serious car accident and fell into a week-long coma."When I came out of that coma, the first words to come out of my mouth were in fluent Mandarin," he said.

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He said he opened his eyes to see a nurse of Asian appearance and spoke to her in Mandarin, saying: "Hi, it really hurts here ... " For some time after the accident he would think and dream in Mandarin, he said, and sometimes would lapse into Mandarin when conversing with his English-speaking friends and family.

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