How to look imtimadating

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We just gave the sheet metal guys the measurement for the top of the island, as well as the dimensions of the cooktop, and they made it in their shop, bending down the edges and welding the corners. It does scratch, yes, but once you get over the initial gouge, you realize that the scratches are what contribute to the overall look.

Our carpenter made a simple plywood top, so the stainless countertop just fit right on top, attached with a strong adhesive. It’s a very sterile surface: nonporous and easy to clean.

Also (update), grout in between the slabs of granite can be prone to crumbling here and there.

It’s a product made from chunks of reclaimed marble countertops held together by a binding material.I’ll start with the countertops I have at home, then cover the ones at El Lodge-bo. So I’m probably not the most discriminating authority on the subject.GRANITE We have granite countertops around the perimeter of our kitchen at home.(Here’s a video of my mother-and-law shopping for the countertops.You’ll get to see a lot of slabs.) VERDICT: So far I love the engineered marble.

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It has the look and feel of marble, but is less expensive and much more consistent in color.