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Publix, some of It duiring the past year, have gone tp Roxy and the Strand. April 6 (London to New York): Frank Brockliss (Maui'etania). Ho didn't ll He the way the , single .bipokmaker at. book and mingled with the toads' executives When Eddie saw the bopkmakfir hover around one of the managers of the event Eddie muscled in. , The machine which is expected to work put the prpblenis is that hedded hy Edwin Loeb, Loa An- geles lawyer, who at first was described as Hollywood's sheriff tp break up star raids.. Oakie was dropped from stellar billing after hfs contract, woes last year. She Is now reported drawing ,000 " weekly froni M-G-M and ,600 weekly from Cosmopolitan Productions, with Miss. a boy, with a poorly routined .islrl dancer, started Spanish aiid became slightly silly when they segued into 'Old Black Joe' and numbers of that ilk. Fox, of Fox and Ferris, uses Bob- by Clark's painted glasses, Bert Lahr's . Otherwise a dumb comic with Miss Ferris redding off ni S cracks from the sheets on which he scribbled.

Boy Appr Scout Mentors Don't eciate a Good Turn Boy Scout ofllcials are reported as having laughed raucously at a Hays preview last week of a special Scout two-reeler designed primarily to stimulate interest in scout recruit- ing throughput the cpuntry.. April 6 (New York to London) : G ebrge Black ( Aqultania). Davies un- derstood to own the stock cpntrol of Cosmopolitan. Darby and Rudell, mixed acro- batic team, pleased, with the little girl doing a lot to sell the tricks. Moss, Dean- and Duree, were at the Warner Holly- wood house at Christmas and this Is their Easter airing. Surprise swept the audience, and they seenied to perk up and begin, to take special notice; Stimulating effect of a surprise may be worth something, but Penner's name 'out front might have been, worth more.

At the big Roxy peculiar staging arid placing for this type of act precluded chances for clear Il- lustration of how the men might look in regular vaudeville surround- ings; But no mistaking the vocal quality present.

Thie en- core song was Just an ordinary tune that offset the effects of the preced- ing songs. R E I L L V a nd COM FO RT Songs 8 Mins.; PSt Roxy, N. Two man harmony team who could easily do a high grade vaude turn.

' WILLIAMS and CRYOR Talk, Songs 15 Mins.; Two' Hippodrome Familiar type of colored turn as far as the patter is concerned with the act's best bet resting in their warbling and piano work. From" the start, the practical kill ing off of the first row, in order to accommodate Lou Forman's mu- slckers, pire.clpitated the thought that possibly Beck,. The steps • were only used once by Murray in a bit almost next- to-shut. first half, played and sounded as If everybody around the Palace is Holtz-mlnded.

Columbia probably figured the Palace as a break-in for the act, which Is right, with Myrt and Mairge drawing down a meagre 0, that left them practically zero after payr ing off the coriipany of ^Ight. union- ists since ia stairway bii the center aisle shoved the boys out of the trench a bit.

• filming will make the lives of grad- : uated grid stars a happy bed of '^i eontracts. Seidelina.n, Arthur Lpew (He de France); April 1 (New York , to London) Mary Ellis, Basil Sidney, Albertina Rasch (Majestic). April 1 (New York to London) Morris Green (Bremen). Haydeh Talbot, writer, is suing Fox for f 12,000 balance on his con- tract. German, talker star will be 6p^ posite Ronald Golman in 'Brothers Karamazov.' Boulder Ham Hot Again Hollywood, April 4. Hoptoads ran around in circles Friday^ In Palm Springs (Tanyon; In a way It was like the show buei* riess. But an International toad derij^ IS; something even less than,.nc(ij^ or then. Edlngton will leave shortly for Japan and China, thence, to his villa in Italy where Mrs. Ch *^"""ay next, with Milton "^narleston and another anonyinoii K Biooge assisting. ■ Coyle and Weir, young mixed hoofers, couldn't vary their racetrack pace but sure- flred thieir finish with indifferent imitations.

Numerous football pictures con lemplated by studios for summer^ . His .first play, '■\Vhen itlie Bough Breaks,' was recently proauced. States April 15i to be in Hollywood not later than June i. Washup of Harry Edlngton, Metro associate producer In charge of foreign production, whose con- tract ,was completed March 31, strengthens the reports that Garbo may not re-sign with this studio. Jack Cummings and Fred Pelton will probably take oyer Edington's foreign duties. Yacht Club Boys' lobby ■•esta was but a brief interlude, at tt **'eglng, with Frank pixon the piano, reopened interml.ssloii. as an act— re- muinder consists of two acrobatic turns, a skating- act, two dance'^iet Si two cohiedy . Bender and Knapp, male , bleep workers, opened and shlned in one- arm control pu Uups.

aitiiatlon in which foot- '*; 'l»all stars have been forced to turn down offers because of previous J" contracts has already occurred in the case of Marchmont Schwartz ; 4md Tommy Yarr, iex-Notre Dame , ' «aptalns. March 31 (Berlin to New York) Max Scjimeling, Max Machori (Bremon). Claims he was discharged a year ago without explanation. Boulder Dam as a film topic looms again with " Unlvei\sal readying a sci'ii)t titled 'Reclamation' around the project. Mooney returned from a few days' jaunt to the scene bf oper- ations with the gerni of ari origim'.l. Part turned down by Anna May Wong in Radio's 'Roar of the Dragon,' because she con.sidered It too small will be played by Yoshio Mori, local Japanese girl who did her first picture work in Warner's 'Hatchet Man.' Mori was formerly a member of Theodore. The frogs rah wild; 'Cab' woii the Intorha- tlonal toad derby and got a silver cup. Everybody forgot his hat as usu^ and they all envied Eddie's paraf^Jj . Edlngton is studying music Gilbert Indie, Mebbe Hollywpodi April 4. John Gilbert, now working out his final pictute on his M-G-M contract, may land with an Indie producer. Gilbert would work on a percent- age urrgngement, with the agree- ment h^ccan select his own stories. Helen Charleston p of the act, somewheres oh the h°? Including Robinson, and finaled with 'Dixie;' Frank and Mae Collins followed, foirhier wearing tux coat, polka dot tie, western .

After some lukewarm crossfire, boy takes to the Ivories while the;other warms; up his., tonsils. fair tenor with a flair for .tricky tonal work at the ends of' the lyrical lines. Running time could: be effectively cut a- few minutes. turns put to be a singer with * fair voice, but a per- ceptible break, between his natural head tones and his falsetto for the high notes— not tha,t the audience cared about that.' Finish is the three Neal sisters and the other sihger d'oing 'Harvest Moon' and hitting it up for an ef- fective finish, with Perkins on and with one comedy break between choruses. Yacht Club Boys, early 1932 edi- tion, now comprise Charles: Adler, George Kelly, Jimmy Kern ahd Billy Mtmn/ Mann is . of it is quite good, but on the whole it lacks piunch, despite, the crlsphess of the lines.. Slic was booked in here as a special for three days to demonstrate her pre- cocity at the keys, A novel attrac- tion certain to get by anywhere. adopting the Holtzian backgiammoh sense of humor, Even the stagehands had to ti^ke it. Barton's dialect Is faithful, doing his role In a skull- cap and an oversized black coat.

Chatter Is of the style used by the majority Qf colored ' and blackface '..turns, where, one; u^es polysyllabic words and the other iplays dumb. Opens with one of thei duo at the uke and both warbling. this one of thei few Negro acts vaudeville, minus dancing. Boys get over, mildly now but should get better as they go along. of ' songs, .., rowdy shouts, ' she should click, but the numbers picked do not give lier ia ^lill chance. Perkins goes itorch with a 'River- side Drive', recitative which Isn't so hot and a close in to 'one', ifor the entrance of a small Negro boy, who looks like - Just another, of those stooges, but who. Olga Abati, child prodigy, looking about 10 years, has recently attract- ed some notice in music circles. Murray cracked that 'Lou Ho Ua is giving ^way food at the Ho Uywdqd, but It's lousy,' but he and the rest weren't averse to . Yacht Club Boys are doing a number In the lobby at intermission. James Barton is even doing a Jewish dialect skit with one of the Brlttons as the son who would marry a, shlksa.

4 NEW YORK, TUESDAY, a™ 64 PAGES 42D STREETS FACE film Contracts Certain For Grid Stars This Coming Fa D Hollywood, April .4. Anna Sten, under contract to Sam Gold Wyn, is scheduled t O leave Ger- many for the . ■ Then she expects to go to New York to join Mary Plcjtford for con- ferences over" the star's next pic- ture, which Miss Marlon will au- Mary Daly's Fox Test Alary Daly (Mrs. More than this number called a t the home with similar propositions while .hundreds' of others, mostly hhiterlandefs, have! That vacation is apt to start before, the summer/ ' Stories are that .. These otters, it Is said, cannot be affected by the producers' recent arbitration agree- ment on contractual adjustments of talent, since back of the pro- posals are independents not aligned with the Hays organization. Garbo's current Metro contriact at ,000 weekly rims oft around May 1. Murray evidenced that occasional reference to his wi ist watch. Acts) wa-s topped off by a brief finale again utilizing: the Britton band. • , ■ ■ With Wilbur Hall, musical com- edy stra;ight man, giving a, routine announcement, cf afcts and one good blackput^-Hjounted . Most of them achieved their p.urpose In more or less pleasing the three- quarters of a house present.

will be "Wet Parade.' It goes In follow- ing current run of 'One Ho Ur With Tou' (Par), with opening probably inside of two Weeks, Metro has booked surplus product all i^round . -.'■...' April 1 (New York to London) Maurice Ostrcr, W. Eddie Cantor was one of the fpur judges and hie seemed sat- isfied with the decision for 'Yellow Cab.' " But Eddie wasii't so hot over tlio rrst of the sunny affair. Biggest bet of day was a Mexii can who bet . o Ut of sentiment and then squawked. Besides Eddie Cantor as an eye., ful for the natives with Eddie's sweet parasol and his otherwise pansy niakeup was Governor Rolph'j The Gov. Said it was the flnst toad race he had ever seen but didn't say It was the~flrst and last. Use therri for solic- iting, sales from the :pict Ui'e promlnents. Warner Baxtroducers can band together, and set prices and be within the law according to lawyers in the in- dustry familiar with the pikh and Its Intentions. atar rating at Paramount, Jack Oakie top- lined In an Olympic games story to which Joe Manklewlcz has been assigned on the story end. Marlon Davies has signed with Metro for another year, renewing on practically the same terms. Act old-fash- ioned all around; Calangis Family, string orchestra of five girls and.

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