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Get a life dating sim cheats

Normally Candy Crush, and i OS games like it, give you a few lives each day, and then make you wait for hours for extra lives. But you don't want to do that, so the wait for extra lives in Candy Crush can be infuriating, especially when you just want to play on.With this cheat you can skip the wait for extra lives in Candy Crush by changing the time on your i Phone. You can play, and lose, five times each day for free. But you can fool Candy Crush into thinking the time is different by changing the Date & Time Setting on your i Phone. (See also The 100 best i Pad & i Phone games, the best free i Phone apps, the best free i Pad apps, the best free i Phone games and the best free i Pad games.) There is another option: you can beg your friends for extra lives on Facebook.We have seen descriptions of hacks online that promise to hack into the game and open up the gems.This requires you to install an app created especially for this tool, and when we tried to investigate the links were dead or took us to data harvesting questionnaires.Should we force the young mind to play it the way we think it should be played - the way we did? Or is it fairer to give them the option to soften the game's sharper edges for an easier introduction to one of the best series of all time? Maybe they're all too easy, too forgiving, too accessible - but have you ever tried playing The Sims without some kind of money cheat? Dungeon Keeper is often held up as the poster boy for bad in app purchasing practices.

When you run out of lives Two Dots will tell you that you need to wait for a specific number of minutes (such as 100 minutes) to get all your five lives back.

Follow the steps above for the Candy Crush trick but adjust the time to the number of minutes you need to wait.

After you have changed the Date & Time don't forget to use Set Automatically to bring the time on your i Phone back to normal.

Once you've connected Candy Crush to Facebook you can use the 'Ask friends for extra lives' option - effectively advertising Candy Crush to your friends in return for more playtime.

You click the Ask Friends button, pick friends from the list and click the Send button.

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So to find out that Final Fantasy 7 on i OS has a cheat menu that can max out your characters' stats at any time, and that Rare Replay - featuring games from as far back as 1983, before your parents even owned a printer - also has cheat codes and a rewind feature - well, it just feels a bit weird. At some point, developers just stopped using cheat codes. But the argument could easily be turned the other way around.

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