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Posted by / 25-Feb-2019 11:34

Fuckroom without credit card

Well, it appears the answer is — just about anyone with a credit card and a pulse. The store claimed they’d remain open all night long.

Because, you know, nothing quite shows the family spirit like dashing off to K-Mart on Thanksgiving night. Especially since I didn’t know any K-Marts were still in business.

Anyone who really me understands that calling while NFL Sunday is in action better have one hell of a hot tip or else be locked up in the county jail making his one phone-a-friend.

And posting your bail will have to wait until religion in my home and the holy spirit is football.

Apologies for relying so heavily on my old reviews for this batch, but it's been a very busy week.

I'll be hard at work this weekend writing up as many fresh capsules as possible for the final fifty - which will be posted by Wednesday morning at the latest.

The fantasy ads typically show some upscale suburban twenty-something giving the husband or wife a brand new ,000 Lexus for Christmas. Like that happens in most American households with people who are 26. If you really want to shop for the holiday season and save money, as well as avoid the swarms of crowds, here’s some advice. Just about as low as anything you’ll find on Black Friday. And, you’ll even be able to find an empty parking place without dropping the F-bomb. However, over the last 11 years I’ve made one notable exception.I join some of my (few remaining) friends at Monday Night Football viewing gatherings here in Las Vegas. I refuse to exit the house on any Sunday during football season.It’s an outlandish propaganda campaign intended to cage even greater numbers of Americans deeper into debt. My plea isn’t based on the blatant hypocrisy represented by participating in Black Friday, nor the financial suicide roused by banks urging you to max out your credit cards.It’s the unscrupulous grand design of the evil axis which exists between banks, retailers, and advertisers to guarantee that the working class stays in hock up to their fucking eyeballs. Many of us are indeed blessed, especially compared to others in the world who are less fortunate. Rather, it’s a simple overture targeted to your common sense. Today will be marred by needless stress, and even occasional violence. People have been trampled (some to death) and then left on the floor while shoppers make mad dashes for the sales bin.

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Sorry, but football watching isn’t mindless entertainment.