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He has a physical struggle with a man that is living in the house and he is eventually taken to the police station.

There, he meets his friend Ho-Bang (Lee Si-Un) who is now a police officer.

Tho we realized we both weren't exactly at a time where we were prepared to do so." "No I'm not a CHEATER, a THOT, im a BELIEVER IN FOLLOWING YOUR HEART and not LYING TO YOURSELF." Translation -- I was with PND.

Kehlani says PND helped save her life last night -- says "God saved me for a reason." She has since deleted everything from her Instagram page.

Although Hae-Sung has good scores at school, he opts to go to a culinary school to support his family rather than college.

At the culinary school, he hangs out with 5 friends including Jung-Won (Lee Yeon-Hee). On Hae-Sung birthday, Jung-Won prepares a surprise party for him at his house.

To keep him away from the house while they prepare, Jung-Won asks Hae-Sung to go to their school and retrieve her wallet. While trying to get help, Hae-Sung is hit by a car and dies.

Exactly 12 years after Hae-Sung's death, Hae-Sung wakes up on the roof of his school building. Hae-Sung goes back to his family's home, but his family is not there.

Hae-Sung (Yeo Jin-Goo) is a senior high school student.

She is actually still that 19 year old child, who wants to be someone, wants to prove him-/herself but is still lost in that big wide world. About the suspect teacher, but she has her own story. It's warming my heart but still i can feel a pain of loss in my heart and tears coming out. I would attach it so much that everytime i remember, i'm hurt. I mean urgh hurts Im watching this just because AJH!

So if you guys are like me, i tell you DONT WATCH THIS DRAMA!

He has feelings for Jung-Won and tells her so, but she rebuffs him due to Hae-Sung. But I was quite disappointed when the Cha Brothers knew that they were brothers. I think that has to be fixed a little~~~ Im surprised that many likes the drama. Especially about the siblings part and the friendship part. At first I really thought her acting was just lazy.

One night, Jung-Won finds a young man passed out in front of her house. Its originally for 32 eps but i think wwws is not yet ready so they extended, which doesnt really help the story line. I simply felt like she just blindly stated her emotions without even trying to actually convey them. Someone who is stuck in his jung, 19 year old mind. Having somewhat of a plan, but still not being that sure about it.

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Pros: - almost nothing impress me enough Cons: - bad acting by cast (director do a very bad job with talented cast) - Even though drama is all about "dragging storyline", they drag it too much so high chance viewers gonna stop watching before interesting part come. do dramas need to be gut churners to be considered worth watching. Sung Hae Sung and Cha Min Joon bromance is really cute. My opinion there's nothing like a good laugh with drama chaos. Im the only one excited to watch tae hoon and young in moment? actually i dont feel the chemistry between haesung and older jung won.. Come on people It a fantasy drama the age gap doesn't matter There is no problem with these drama it's different, but in a good way Love the actors and actresses There doing a fantastic job I'm fighting for you the violin music was played in ep 1 too, no one knows what it's called since the background music ost isn't out yet.

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