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To wit, Foster’s favorite number, which he’d written as the curtain-raiser, was moved into the middle of the plot and radically re-purposed by a new director. “Now it’s ‘Lean In.’ ”Adams, for his part, is in the thick of a stage adaptation of the movie .“Try writing a love song without the word ‘love’ in it,” Adams said. The minute either of them says ‘love,’ it’s over.”“I couldn’t do it,” Foster said. “My songs are all about love—explicitly.” This is a man whose best-known songs include “Love Me Tomorrow,” “After the Love Has Gone,” “It’s the Falling in Love,” “Stand Up for Love,” “To Love You More,” and “Will You Still Love Me?Eric Konigsberg finds the newly (and unusually) single Foster gripped by a new love: Broadway. The two men were David Foster and Bryan Adams, old friends and fellow travelers, and while the latter’s name probably rings a bell for his string of radio hits in the 1980s—“Summer of ‘69,” “Cuts Like a Knife,” “Run to You”—Foster is nothing less than a music-industry institution. As it happens, both Foster and Adams recently set their sights on Broadway, and over lunch they lamented that this new arena is tougher than anticipated.

Foster has been married four times, most recently to Yolanda Hadid, a former model and a co-star of , from whom he is currently in the middle of what will be his fourth divorce.

As Erin puts is, "We all just kind of looked at each other and thought, 'Wait a second, there's something funny in that.' There was something funny in this idea that everyone’s trying to sell a reality show and we’re just trying to not be on a reality show.

So we thought there could be a really funny comedy about it, and then this idea started to form."One of the most exciting parts of the upcoming season is the slew of guest stars that will be appearing.

Zach Braff was hysterical and so fun to improv with.

We got really lucky—we’ve had amazing guest stars." But Sara is personally stoked about one cameo in particular.

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"We have Cindy Crawford, who pokes fun at herself and was really amazing," Erin shared.