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Kirsten continues to open a dating service with Julie, and become a mother of two at the end of the fourth season.The character's politics and lifestyle are conservative, a contrast to her husband.Since then, characters from that first season have left the show, with new main characters having been both written in and out of the series.

Peter Gallagher described the character as a "leftie Jewish guy from the Bronx".

Ryan and his surrogate brother Seth, a socially awkward yet quick-witted teenager, deal with life as outsiders in the high-class world of Newport Beach.

Ryan and Seth spend much time navigating their relationships with girl-next-door Marissa Cooper, Seth's childhood crush Summer Roberts and Atwood's girlfriend Taylor Townsend.

is an American Television series created by Josh Schwartz for the FOX Network in 2003.

The show began with seven main characters which eventually became 9 by the end of the first season.

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Portrayed by Peter Gallagher, an idealistic public defender who takes in Ryan Atwood in the pilot episode, much to the dismay of his wife, Kirsten.