Dns slave server not updating

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However, even when you use a tool, it is critical to know what goes on when the files are updated, so we'll start with the manual method.After creating your zone data files initially, it should be fairly apparent what you need to change when you add a new host.Since the backup copies were removed, the slave must load a new version of the zone data files -- picking up the new serial numbers. If any of your slave name servers aren't under your control, you'll have to contact their administrators to get them to do the same.If all your slaves run a version of BIND newer than 4.8.1 (and we pray you're not using 4.8.1) but older than BIND 9, you can take advantage of the special serial number zero.We'll go through the steps here in case you weren't the one to set up those files or if you'd just like a checklist to follow.Make these changes to your The primary master name server will load the new zone data.Slave name servers will load this new data sometime within the time interval defined in the SOA record for refreshing their data.Sometimes your users won't want to wait for the slaves to pick up the new zone data -- they'll want it available right away.

There are several good ways to manage integer serial numbers.

Since the backup files are gone, the slave must immediately pull new copies of the zones.

To delete a Each of the zone data files has a serial number.

With Version 8 or 9 masters and slaves, the slaves pick up the new data quickly because the primary master notifies the slaves of changes within 15 minutes of the change.

If your name server is 4.9 or later, you can reload it just as you did for your primary master name server.

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After modifying the zone data file becomes second nature, you'll make some "quickie" little change, forget to update the serial number . That's why you should use a tool that updates the serial number for you! Therefore, a number like 1.1 is converted to 10001 internally, and 1.10 is converted to 100010.