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If it's through the dating site and their URL address starts with https on the payment page then you should be ok, but never ever click on a link in a message from a scammer.I got hit by one hottie who generated her email thru a known dating site for hookups.To confront that, the Casual X team manually reviews each new profile to ensure there's a real person aiming to use the app properly.Some of the behavior this app facilitates might not be things you’d want to share with, say, your mom or your boss.

Subsequent get-to-know-you conversations generated exchanges of pics.So they offer several features to protect your identity, such as private albums and a pattern lock, which is basically just a gesture password.You'll need to use the lock each each time you open the app.So, even though there are plenty of other apps that facilitate quick and easy encounters, there’s clearly a demand for something dedicated to purely casual connection that isn't Craigslist.I be been on cougarlife and a lot of my convos have led to google as the place of communication.

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And you can see them when you look at anyone's profile.

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