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Jazz singer Dinah Washington first crooned about those “24 little hours” more than four decades ago, but to the members of the Dave Matthews Band, they sure rang true last fall.The best-selling quintet's whirlwind fourth quarter began predictably enough, with the initial incarnation of what was to be their latest studio album being recorded in the band's home base of Charlottesville, Va., with veteran producer Steve Lillywhite at the board.All told, the album took a scant nine weeks to record from start to finish, which isn't a surprise to observers familiar with Ballard's work.Asked about the torrid pace, he explains, “That's how it should be.

So, all of a sudden, it was goodbye to Lillywhite and Charlottesville, hello big white bird, Hollywood and Conway Studios. But not before Matthews had time to grab his barely used electric guitar.

It seemed like it was destined to be more of that riotously successful “same-old, same-old.” Lillywhite was also at the helm for the band's previous three studio albums for RCA: UBut it now looks like DMB fans will have to wait for the inevitable box set somewhere up the road to hear any of those studio cuts on CD.

That's because, mid-production, the band met noted L.

hit store shelves on schedule at the end of February.

Especially considering that the 12 songs on the album are all Ballard-Matthews compositions that weren't started until after that cross-country hop.

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Dave Matthews Band has risen to become one of the most popular touring acts in the U.