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Dating why women like bad boys

In the real world, if a guy is really nice, but lacks confidence and is nervous around women he likes, then women won’t find him attractive.

A woman might see him as a friend, but she won’t feel much or any sexual attraction for him.

A bad boy does make a woman feel a lot of attraction because of his masculine confidence and attitude, but that isn’t what women ultimately want.

What a woman really wants is to be able to find a real man.

Short, fat, bald, of any racial background, no job, good job, no car, nice car and so on. He knows how to engage a woman in interesting conversation, he knows how to flirt and build sexual tension and he knows how to escalate a conversation into a kiss, a date or sex.

When a woman meets a guy who is nervous about approaching her, nervous about talking to her and nervous about escalating the conversation further, she is turned off because she feels mentally and emotionally stronger than him, which makes it difficult, if not impossible (for many women) for her to feel strong sexual attraction.

This gets a group conversation going and he makes sure he talks to all of the girls in the group, not just the girl he likes.

Really nice guys are often quite nervous, reserved, shy, tense and even anxious when interacting with women…and that does not make a woman feel sexual attraction!

In fact, the weakness of men is a sexual turn off for women, whereas the strength is what turns women on.

You can, but you’ve got to understand that unless you can give a woman the attraction experience she is looking for, she’s rarely going to be interested in anything other than a brief conversation or relationship.

Just like you’d probably prefer a beautiful woman who is a good person, loyal, trustworthy, caring and emotionally stable, most women also want to find themselves a good guy.

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If you’re a nice guy who is nervous and shy around her, it’s not as attractive as being a nice guy who is confident around her.