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(If you have come across a Russian scammer, you can add him or her to our database at page).

Yes, it's true, dating sites attract scammers like donuts attract cops!

At this page of our resource devoted to the Russian scammers that we know of you can try to determine if your correspondent is a Russian scammer by typing in his name and comparing it with the names which are in our constantly updated database.Let's say you joined one of the international dating agencies and have been chatting with a sexy foreign girl for several weeks.But something just doesn't feel quite right; things she said, inconsistencies, perhaps she is even starting to drop hints that she needs money! One of the first things you can do to put your mind at ease is to see if she has been flagged before as a scammer.The software first scans for issues, identifying any words and phrases often used by scammers.It next looks up the IP addresses and email addresse in a list of known scammers.

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Since no dating blacklist system is perfect, we do miss some of the fake profiles that are posted.

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