Dating nigerian and proud

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Dating nigerian and proud

This convening of delegates who would one day lead democratic movements in their own countries marked the symbolic start of the continent’s march towards a collective autonomy.With India pioneering self-governance in 1947, an Nkrumah-led Ghana following suit a decade later, and Nigeria one week away from sharing this status, there was little need to convince its readers: this was a time of accelerated social and political change.Like the other new nations of Africa, it is ambitious and proud.

But this tells us little of the people who lived, worked, shopped, and partied in the Nigeria that was.Despite its casual conceit, the questions raised were not far off from the consciousness of the era.Nor indeed the thinking of Nigeria’s prominent political agents.Even now, more than 50 years on, we can appreciate the rich visual narrative depicted and wonder at these emblems of a proud and hopeful beginning.See here for the full commentary of the LIFE Magazine article “The Hopeful Launching of the Proud and Free Nigeria” From behind its centuries-old masks of savagery and primitivism, the most populous nation in Africa looks out eagerly on a world it is about to join as an independent nation. 1, Nigeria and its 36 million black inhabitants gain freedom from Britain.

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But once all symbolic processions and obligations had been adhered to in true British ceremonial fashion, it was time to address the real issue: how to deliver a vision of a new society free of European control.