Dating marlin 336

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Dating marlin 336

However, because the Marlin 336 ejects spent cartridges from the side of the receiver and has a flat top, many hunters choose toand 30-30 Winchester are not great performers at long range, they are tough to beat at short to moderate range.These characteristics make the Marlin 336 a great “woods gun” for hunters who need to take a fast, short-range shot on a big game animal.Also I would love to know what year the gun was made in if any of y'all could help me with that I would appreciate it. There are people who are not your friends who would like to know it. Bye Jack Thank you Jack, I did not know that about the serial numbers and I very much appreciate you sharing that with me and fixing it. He instead chose to hunt with his 30-40 Krag bolt action with the magazine that folds out to the side. In other words is it built as well as todays Marlin 336s?? Seems like most other Marlin serials start with a letter. The old Marlin Talk site had all of this sorted out, but I didn't save it. it was covered in light rust but with a little rubbing it revieled it's orginal blue once again.. The serial number is J 48XXX No clue how old it is but I can't wait to get her out and run some rounds through it.. What is the difference between straight grip and other?

The first letter of the date code represented the month of manufacture while the second letter indicated the year. The workings are exactly the same as any other Marlin. I'm constantly consulted about a different item and understand something about the process of determining potential value, etc. Does anyone know Cheers Mike PS MCD doesn't stand for Mc Donalds I was given a 336 RC by my father-in-law right before his death. If you want a better idea on what it may be worth to a collector, scour the web for some 336 afficianados/collectors after closely looking over condition for parts wear, blue wear and wooden/stock wear - then consider emailing several photos from different angles after someone agrees to give you some advice on this. view=...l_id=40&type=2 Bye Jack That year of manufacture is 1948, it appears to have been produced the first year that the 336 model was rolled out.The Marlin 336 (also known known as the Marlin 30-30), is perhaps the second most popular lever action rifle in history, trailing only the venerable Winchester 1894 (which was also chambered in .30-30 Winchester).

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Since the Marlin 336 is arguably the most popular .30-30 rifle ever, it follows that the Marlin 30-30 is one of the most commonly used deer rifles of all time in the United States with untold numbers ofwhitetails falling to it over the years.