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I saw, yesterday, tremendously violent pornography being made, directed by a woman. It's something that's surfacing in us, in our culture, otherwise it wouldn't be there. And I think it has a lot to do, as I was saying before, about repressing sexual desires and anger.

Every time they come in, they want a piece of our audience, they want a piece of our revenues, they just want a piece of the market. I think if we just let people have it, pretty soon they're going to realize that's not what they want anyway. Actually, you may be the beneficiary of a purge in a way. On a personal level, as a human being, I'm very much opposed to censorship and legislation. I don't know if I can answer that question that effectively. But as a businesswoman, if I was only to purely look at this as a businesswoman and look at my bottom line, sure, censorship would be the best thing in the world for me, because I'm the softest-core company out there. We've partnered with another company, and that's their business and I don't want to reinvent the wheel, and I rely on this other company to distribute my videos. Certainly the Internet, the genie is out of the bottle. This is something that really represents the hopes and dreams and desires and feelings of everyone in the world. And I had been using a personal computer for a number of years and running my fan club, and I knew that's what I wanted to do. I was obsessed with the computer, and I thought, "I want to become a computer programmer." And in the interim, while I was waiting for a course to start, I ventured onto the Internet, and quickly got into the Usenet newsgroups where I was hearing that my pictures were being posted, and started talking to people. I spent several really intense months in the newsgroups, and it was out of those conversations that the idea for Danni's Hard Drive was born. And you were not personally intimidated by the technology of the Internet? Ashe is founder and CEO of Danni's Hard Drive, regarded as one of the most popular porn sites on the Internet. I think that the average visitor to Danni's Hard Drive is someone who is more of a fan, someone who's generally interested in knowing about the women that they have fantasies about, wanting to have a more well-rounded fantasy, a little more reality in the information. And how I've managed to do that is by creating a place that people will want to visit again and again and tell their friends about. When you come to Danni's Hard Drive you'll find a lot of things.Her site offers only softcore pornography and does not feature any female-male sex. I'm a bit of a geek yeah, I'm a geek with big breasts. And I do a lot of publicity, and that's how I make Danni's Hard Drive a large destination that a lot of people go to. Essentially what happens is an adult website will buy a thousand visitors, for instance. We post a lot of regular content: picture of the week, model of the day, we have news features, the joke of the week.

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And the other area that we're moving into is taking the Danni brand, which is probably the only pure adult Internet brand in the space, and moving it to other forms of media. I try to stay really focused on nudity and simulated sex.

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