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I would consider myself a dependable, genuine guy, who has strong family values, and greatly appreciates the time I get to spend with friends and family.

I have a curious mind and enjoy learning new things, and expanding my knowledge of the world.

I think there has to be some sort of mutual attraction initially, but I'm looking for qualities beyond that, someone honest, dependable and genuine.

Our mind can be a tricky bastard at times, we all know that.

I enjoy going out for dinner, seeing new movies, going for long drives, exploring things about the city that are new.

Generally, I'd like to meet someone who has a good set of values, has a positive outlook, a good sense of humour, and knows how to enjoy life.

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From an early age, boys and girls chase each other around, pull each other’s hair and so on. Noticing Little Changes If they comment when you change your hairstyle or wear something different, then they could well like you.

Well, we still do this in adulthood – making fun of the person we are attracted to or cracking jokes on them? People who are interested will pay extra attention to the smaller details. Playing Hard To Get Unfortunately, some people who like you will try to make you think the exact opposite.

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Thankfully for us, there are people out there who are experts in this sort of thing to lend a helping hand.