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Christopher scott dancer dating

If she has to she will wait until their blackout drunk and jump on a d1ck. But has now decided to instead invest her (questionable) money paying for ugly tramp stamps, extensions that SCREAM fake, fake boobs with the largest nips you have ever seen and lip injections at age 22.She’ll even send you some lovely selfies as proof of her accomplishments. Once a child millionaire after his father embezzled thousands of dollars from unsuspecting people BUT NOW he’s just a regular WESTBROOK BUM! Instead of applying what little education she has she spends most of her time up at Tight Ends Sports Bar.

This dude spreads his lies quicker then his DRDs and is now saying he’s got a chance at being on American Ninja Warrior which is a joke.

She doesnt care if a man has a girlfriend, she tries to hit it anyway.

Well Alyssa you done fuked up and slipped in the wrong DMs this week!

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