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It creates a barrier between the sexes and allows us to conduct our lives with modesty, dignity and respect.Islam holds women in very high esteem and the Islamic rules of covering are intended to protect and guard her dignity and honour.They also estimated the facial proportions of each parent, including the ratio of face length to width, the length of nose to face height and the mouth width to height.The numbers showed that the face of a woman's boyfriend has almost the same proportions as the face of her father.It also varies depending on the relationship they had with their father.If he was protecting, caring and strong, they'll search for kind of the same thing...Then we can reject the Aristophean notion of searching the world for our other half, and learn that, with the grace of God, we can be complete unto ourselves and recognize that a relationship with another person is simply another means of developing our relationship with Christ.A new study on facial similarities between romantic partners and their parents revealed that men tend to date girls that look like their mother and women pick boyfriends that look like their fathers. Together with his colleagues, Tamas Bereczkei, a biologist at the University of Pecs, Hungary, analyzed the faces of 67 young, long-term couples from the upper mentioned university.

The human brain consciously processes 8 1 bits of information and unconsciously processes 80,000 bits of information.Islam is a complete way of life, each and every aspect is designed by our Creator to advance happy, healthy communities and ease the path to eternal bliss in Paradise.In today’s society modesty is seen as a sign of weakness or insecurity.I am beginning to learn that no one person can be everything that I need in my life, and that some of the things that I need have to come from within me or from the support of other people (including, of course, the Church) in my life.Treading water between the just-out-of-college-where-I-had-no-real-responsibilities stage and the I-have-to-actually-start-being-an-adult-but-what-does-adult-actually-mean stage, we look for something steady to hold on to, to give us boundaries.

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They have based these conditions on evidence found in the Quran and the Sunnah.

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