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Bradp underground dating seminar

I plowed and became so confident that I began to Alpha this Alpha Female.There’s no boost to your confidence quite like out-Alphaing a sadist.The other thing this guy has the ability to do that i've never experienced before was to transform someones fashion.I swear he took one guy (in my humble opinion was looking kinda dorky, sorry if you're reading this, don't take it personal, brad felt that i needed new duds too) and turned him into a freekin john mayer lookalike...i'm not kidding, this guy could be his twin, and before he had the clothes i would have never seen it. It’s best for guys who have taken a TMM BC and want to tweak their game.You have to have a solid understanding of TMM’s Emotional Progression Model.No, I don’t mean that you just read Magic Bullets and the Venusian Arts Handbook, although both are must-reads. (How many guys have read one or both books and STILL have no idea how to apply those teachings? Otherwise, you’ll learn various pieces by Brad P and you won’t know how and where they fit. Here’s what Brad P formally taught me: openers, storytelling, passing shit tests, and routines.Brad P had a number or routines that have helped me fill the conversation gaps in-set.

Captain Jack’s advice about reading The Way of the Superior Man was right on, and this woman definitely wanted to feel my masculine strength. Anyway, I passed her tests so easily with Brad P’s technique.

Another gets smaller sets laughing and builds some attraction fairly consistently. Fortunately, I learned from TMM about cutting threads and Transition.

My favorite example of the effectiveness of a Brad P opener occurred during his workshop.

Hey guys, I took the brad p bootcamp over the weekend. Some how this guy can take any stupid story you throw his way and turn it into a gem.

Would be worth doing phone coaching just to have him fix your stories if you suck at telling them like I do.

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You need to know TMM to learn about DHVs and attraction switches, though, or you won‘t know what kind of story to tell or how to make it put you in the most attractive light.

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