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I get a Facebook message, so begrudgingly I leave his photos (I was in pretty deep too) to see who messaged me. He was sitting behind me because he came in late to class. I hurried up and closed my laptop and we never talked about it again,” says Haven, a student at Chatham University. If you have any idea that he might show up where you are, keep your flirting to a minimum.

Kissing another guy right in front of him might be the behavior of choice for a jealous girlfriend, but not for a girl like you who is trying to make him into your boyfriend.“I invited this guy over and he was taking too long to get to my place so I called up my other crush who showed up right away.

Do the whole Mean Girls thing and be “frenemies” with her if you have to... And to make matters worse, you can’t stop hiccupping. Drunk crying is not only unattractive; it also makes you look weak and pathetic.

Facebook stalking can be fun and sometimes even necessary (when you do it in the comforts of your own home), but that point when you get bored during lecture is not the time to do it.

You never know who’s sitting near you and spying on your screen.

The two of us headed back to his place and started making out along the way, right as the original guy pulled up,” says Michelle*, a collegiette from the University of Michigan. You could deny the whole thing and tell your first crush he was just seeing things, you could call over your first crush and ask him to join you two, or you could just wait until you get to the bedroom if a situation like this ever happens again. You change your Facebook status to “in a relationship” after a week of talking to him. You don’t want to be the one to jump the gun before you’ve even gone on a real date (and no, randomly falling into each other at the bar does not count). He might even think your new relationship is with another guy, in which case he will probably just stop returning your calls.

When people start liking your new relationship status, the damage will already be done.

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Love can make us do crazy things, especially the kind of unrequited love that occurs during a one-sided crush. If he doesn’t answer you the first five times, he’s not going to answer you the sixth time either.

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